Closing European Microfinance Week 2016

European Microfinance Week was closed by e-MFP Chairwoman Anne Contreras. On the occasion of e-MFP’s 10th anniversary she reflected on how the sector changed over the decade - from the products offered, to the way we monitor impact, to the technology available to increase access and lower costs. The Platform has changed too, she noted: it has expanded and diversified so much in the way it works, and who it reaches. In the past ten years e-MFP has evolved in parallel to the sector it supports and will continue to do so in the future.

Contreras congratulated Kashf Foundation on winning the 7th European Micro-finance Award on Microfinance and Access to Education and also highlighted the outstanding applications and programs of the two other finalists: Fondación Génesis Empresarial and Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited. She emphasized the real value of the Award is exposure, and for others to learn from the excellent work being done by these organisations. She reminded the audience that the 2017 Award will be on Micro-finance and Housing, an area ripe for innovation as heard in that morning’s plenary. 

Contreras concluded the session by thanking the Luxembourg Government, the sponsors of the European Micro-finance Week, the e-MFP team, members, speakers and guests, and everyone who made it all possible.