Closing of the European Microfinance Week 2014

  • Anne CONTRERAS, e-MFP Chairwoman

European Microfinance Week wrapped up with a tribute from Anne Contreras, Chair of the e-MFP Board, who spoke in the closing plenary on the remarkable breadth and depth of work being done by the European microfinance sector, and the linkages that e-MFP and its partners are making in "Networking with the South" (which remains the Platform's logo) and developing new markets that are sustainable, scalable, inclusive and fair.

"The title of this year's conference, Developing Better Markets, demands buy-in from a whole range of stakeholders: regulators from various markets, financial institutions from international commercial banks down to small village NGOs and savings groups, and of course the diversifying range of entities involved in providing inclusive financial services to the poor in new - and better - markets".

"This diversity, and the range of e-MFP's members is reflected in the content of European Microfinance Week - which grows more varied and fascinating with every passing year - including green microfinance, agriculture, savings, Social Performance and much more", she said, adding how optimistic this conference made her feel about the prospects for inclusive finance in developing markets.

Contreras also congratulated the winner and finalists of the European Microfinance Award. She concluded by thanking all the sponsors of European Microfinance Week and the e-MFP team.