European Microfinance Week is the annual event of the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), gathering its diverse membership and other interested professionals from related sectors to debate, exchange and share experiences on issues impacting microfinance in developing countries. The 2014 event brought together from 56 countries over 400 opinion-leaders, top management of banks, funds and other financial institutions, practitioners, academics, NGOs, analysts, raters and industry commentators to present key innovations, challenges and also the work conducted in the previous year by e-MFP's several dedicated Action Groups.

With this year's attention on Developing Better Markets, 31 workshops covered subjects including social performance management, agri-finance, conflict zone financial services, digital and technological innovations, green microfinance, downscaling strategies, responsible investment, and client-driven product diversification. The title of the conference, Developing Better Markets, demands buy-in from a whole range of stakeholders: regulators from various markets, financial institutions from international commercial banks down to small village NGOs and savings groups, and of course the diversifying range of entities involved in providing inclusive financial services to the poor in new - and better - markets. This diversity, and the range of e-MFP's members is reflected in the content of European Microfinance Week - which grows more varied and fascinating with every passing year.

This report summarises the discussions, viewpoints and vitality of the event. We wish you an enjoyable read, active exchanges among members in 2015 and we hope to welcome you to the next European Microfinance Week, 18th-20th November 2015.

Anne Contreras, Chairwoman
Christoph Pausch, Executive Secretary


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