Read what the participants appreciated about European Microfinance Week 2020

No matter if EMW is onsite or online - it was, is and will always be the best microfinance conference of the whole year!

Congratulations for a stellar virtual European Microfinance Week

Really great presenters, interactive and very relevant

I am truly impressed by the professionalism of the e-MFP team to run such a rich conference all on-line to adjust to the pandemic

Very interesting and diverse sessions with outstanding speakers

Kudos to the team for a great first digital conference!

To the point, concrete experiences and openness to share and learn

Very knowledgeable speakers with diverse experiences

Congrats to e-MFP for a great conference organized in a different way in record time!

You have done an excellent job again, so much detailed work, so much dedication!

Great way to pull everyone together. Excellent job!

e-MFP pulled off a major feat converting EMW to be online, and it truly worked

Congratulations on a very successful E-Conference on such wide range of issues

Congrats for the conference - very impressive achievement!