Keynote speech

  • Daniela KONIETZKO, President of Fundación WWB Colombia

Keynote speaker Daniela KONIETZKO CALERO, president of Fundación WWB Colombia, kicked off EMW 2021 by underlining that her story is the story of many women faced by the economic, social and environmental consequences of COVID-19 and climate change: “Despite the daily challenges that we face, we must continue to move forward seeking a better future for our families”.

Konietzko pressed on by articulating the need to accelerate the empowerment of women, as natural disasters have a greater impact on women and low income segments, adversely affecting their personal and financial autonomy, and their healthcare system. She emphasised the joint responsibility to accelerate women's inclusion in the financial system; in employment and management positions in companies and the public sector; in information and communication technologies; in terms of production means; and in terms of guarantees against gender-based violence.

Informal and rural economies need support for improving their financial service provision and accumulation of their assets. That is why they established the the , to close the gaps for women through activities with a gender lens, thereby creating economic opportunities and empowerment in decision making. In practical terms, their work has a focus on informal enterprises and the use of online tools and internet to access business networks. They measure the impacts on household level, in order to improve financial autonomy and gender equality.

Women’s challenges are however not solved by just providing services to women. Much more is needed for closing gaps, economic opportunities and empowerment in decision making. The Fundación therefore puts much emphasis on men and women leadership, equality and advocacy. This means working at multiple levels of politics, economy and education, in order to build a better world and be able to deal with the challenges of COVID-19 and climate change.